Thursday, September 10, 2015

Noonday Collection {Fall 2015}

Blouse: Anthropologie {buy here} // Shorts: Anthropologie {on SALE here} // Bag: Noonday Collection // Earrings: Noonday Collection // Watch: c/o MICHELE Watches {buy here} // Shoes: Sam Edelman {buy here}

I have a weak heart for a good cause. When a friend introduced me to Noonday Collection a year ago, I knew that I would be a life long fan. Noonday showcases beautifully designed jewelry and accessories by artisans from several {I want to say 9...but I need to further my research on that} different countries. With every purchase, you are helping these artisans build community.

Read more on Noonday Collection here.

Here are more of my Noonday Fall Favorites:
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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Thirty Six

 Dress: Anthropologie {buy here} // Watch: Michele Watches {shop here} // Cuff: Anthropologie {shop here}  // Shoes: Gianni Bini {similar here}

It's hard to believe that another year had just passed by. The big THREE SIX! I'm not going to lie, I still feel a little funny whenever I think of how old I actually am. I am ok with it though. I think I am at the stage where I see aging as an opportunity to be a better person than  I was the previous year. While the past year has brought so many adventures and blessings, I certainly learned a lot about myself. 

With that said, allow me to let you in on thirty six {random} facts about me:

1. I was born and raised in the Philippines and did not move to the States until I was 19.
2. I can't make a dish the same way twice. Why? Because I do not measure anything. Ooops!
3. I'm highly afraid of spiders and snakes.
4. I wore false teeth when I was 6. Yup!
5. I have always been the only girl in the family. Two younger brothers, and now two amazing sons.
6. I could eat rice with any meal. Worse, I crave rice during every meal. Yikes!
7. I changed my major in college three times. Export Management {mainly because my Dad was an importer}, to Performing Arts, to Radio, TV and Film. 
8. My full time job does not relate to any of the said majors.
9. I wore orthopedic shoes most of my elementary school years. I was flat footed with knocked knees and I could not run without falling on my face. And yes, I ran anyway. Haha!
10. I like change. I like the excitement that comes with it. 
11. Toblerone is my ultimate favorite candy bar of all time. 
12. Purple is my {most of the time} favorite color.
13. I fell down the stairs and broke my ankle three years ago. 
14. I rock two screws in my left ankle. 
15.  I've been wearing the same perfume {D&G 3} for 6 years.
16. I once had G.I. Jane hair. And yes, growing it out was a pain!
17. I am named after Ms. Philippines Universe of 1979  {click here for the reveal}
18. I just signed up for my very first 5K! Whoo!
19. I've made it half way through this list and I am struggling to come up with 17 more.
20. I will never say NO to mimosas.
21. I often break into song based on the last word I hear. 
22. I owned an acoustic guitar at 14.
23. I owned a drum set at 16.
24. I can't play any musical instrument well. 
25. I have a weak heart for dresses.
26. Nashville is my favorite little BIG city.
27. I've been employed at the same place for almost 8 years and I couldn't ask for a better company to be with.
28.  Pistachio is my favorite ice cream flavor.
29. My husband and I have known each other for 24 years.
30. I am in the middle of working on a dream project for No'Ala Magazine.
31. I once had a tea cup Pomeranian named Teddy.
32. My 25th year was my favorite year so far.
33. I rub my feet together for a solid minute before I fall asleep. Weird! I know!
34. I prefer Fall over Spring. Summer over Winter.
35. High-waisted jeans are my favorite fashion trend.
36. It took me over an hour to create this list.

Whew! Cheers to 36 years!